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BILT is our very own version of Biltong, inspired by our South African roots and adapted for a current pallet. Strips of tender steak, air dried & spiced using our secret South African family recipe. Packed full of natural protein & amino acids - the perfect healthy snack to fit your active lifestyle.


2 friends. 1 South African, 1 Englishman. On a mission to shake up the Biltong game.
We love great food, good beer and better wine alongside a healthy & active lifestyle. We go to the gym, play rugby, race cars, watch sport and work hard. We wanted something to fit in with our lifestyle. A healthy, packed full of flavour, snack. For us, the movement is as important as our product. Join us @biltpeople. Get out, get shit done and enjoy great Biltong, finally…


We stand by 4 pillars: Quality, Flavour, Size and Sustainability. BILT is made using all English produce and totally in-house from start to finish. We pack a larger 50g serving, all in our totally recyclable packaging. Packed full of protein, Amino Acids and serious flavour, BILT makes the ideal healthy snack for after the gym or in front of a game with an ice cold beer.

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  • Original Beef BILT Biltong x 3
  • Chilli Beef BILT Biltong x 3
  • Wild Venison BILT Biltong x 3