#TeamMLB "Mission & Vission"

About Us

Co Owners Jennie & Paul started the ground work of My Lunchbox Meal Prep late in 2017. 

"We soon realised that there was a need for a prep company that was able to hit the fitness industry with specific needs" 

Since launching at the Body Power Expo 2019 #TeamMLB have taken great strides in developing, refining and delivering to the fitness industry within the UK with fresh and affordable high quality meal prep.

Our philosophy of convenient, clean, lean has allowed us to grow our brand with pride + passion , making sure our ever increasing client base are able to make the most of our fantastic product & service.

#TeamMLB now boasts some of the best PRO and Semi PRO Body Builders in its team from the UK and Abroad, along side a host of On Line Global Fitness Coaches.

Check out our Testimonial & Trust Pilot Reviews to see what the MLB Community have to say .

" The MLB Mission "

Our Mission at MLB Is to consistently produce a product and service that delivers in flavour and quality time and time again.

Our values that have not changed since we launched in 2017 will help us provide to a community that is driven to succeed.

" The MLB Vision"

In an ever changing world we live in one thing that doesn't change is our constant hunger for convenience.

At #TeamMLB our vision of offering a platform of Clean, Lean & Convenient Fresh Food for consumers across the globe will support this desire, but also help in keeping people healthy and easily accountable to reach their ultimate performance goals.