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Caveman Espresso Blend 1kg- Whole Beans

Caveman Espresso Blend 1kg- Whole Beans

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A delicious blend of coffee originating from Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala & Kenya. This all year round, house blend is the coffee that put Ground Coffee Roasters on the 'London Coffee Map' with some of the capitals most loved coffee. Roasted and blended to compliment milk based coffee's (Flat White's, Latte's, Cappuccino's etc..), this coffee will not disappoint any flat white lover. 

All the individual components of this blend are roasted separately, then post blended to allow the individual characteristic of each bean to deliver the most flavour. This coffee is best enjoyed within 3 months of its roast date. 

Origins: Brazil / El Salvador / Guatemala / Kenya

Species: Arabica

Processes: Pulped Natural & Washed

Notes: Delicious toffee, chocolate and cherry ripe flavours, perfect for a flat white, latte or even on its own.